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Toberoi Colorado
" Odie "

Born: 24th of March 2011

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Frozen semen: available


FCI ER36859/11
SPKY 2182/11u

SPKY = Finnish Sheep Dog Society

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Shoulders: 0/0 OCD free
Knees: 0/0
Spine: OK and normal

Eyes: OK / April 2016
CEA / DNA: not available
TNS / DNA: normal by parentage
NCL / DNA: normal by parentage

Teeth: all in
Bite: scissor
Testicles: both ok
Size: 54 cm / 20 kg

Odie is out of our USA import Sui from Minnesota and by our USA import Tex from Oregon. See his pedigree here by scrolling down his site in the Finnish Kennel Club database:


This boy has been a true journey to live with. Since the very beginning of his training he has been a tricky one to handle. Because of Odie´s self-confident and stubborn nature it was always him who got the last word. We have struggled in herding without having an understanding between each other during the first 2-3 years.

Odie is not a type of a border collie who wants to please or ask for help or guidance from the owner/handler. He is a very self-confident dog and always knows what´s the best for the herding situation. He doestn´t care about any disturbance. He has a true soul of a working dog.

So, humbleness does not belong into Odie´s traits of personality... But, as soon as I have finally learned to listen to him more carefully and pay attention to his intentions, a total change has happened in herding. As soon as I started to listen to him.....that made him listen to me. And he is very sincere in it.

Afterwards, every time when I have been able to show him I understand his intentions, we have got progress. These days Odie has showed us to be a true natural talent in herding. He has naturally wide flanks and nice drive. He fears no fences and can push the animals away from any tight places.

Odie is an easy boy in our pack: never a dominant to other males even if there are females coming into heat. Odie is very interested in them though, and shows all the love to our bitches. Odie is a friendly dog to people but he is more like one person dog. And that one person is also easily forgotten if there is work in the sight!

Odie has been trained into agility and he loves to run and jump and do all tricks. Odie has also been tested for disc dog work by a professional and he seemed to be a natural in it! The way he can concentrate into the flying disc and track the flight path was phenomenal. Still, Odie is more into herding than anything else.

Today, I enjoy alot to train and do routine tasks with Odie. He has many better qualities than his sire Tex, and Odie is also more powerful than his mom Sui. He has very beautiful, strong and elastic body structure. Probably the best in our pack. Odie is not afraid of any loud sounds.

Odie has been health checked quite late, so being already 5 years old (in 2016). He is completely healthy and so we hope Odie would also have offspring. So far, we have no plans of our own to use him because our lines go back to mainly what is behind him. Odie has been added into our stud dogs´ list so maybe other breeders could get the benefit what he can offer.