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Lost Cattle Catching

Southern Finland & Häme Region

Team members:

Aino Pikkusaari, 040 5595 055
Virpi Jouttela
Outi Jouttela

If you are missing cattle somewhere in Southern Finland or Häme Region, call us.

We hold a small team for locating and catching lost cattle. We use several resources to seek & catch missing farm animals. Even if they have wandered pretty far there usually are some tracks to be found for estimating the direction they are wondering at.

Every now and then we go seeking the animals on horseback. With horse it is easier to check bigger field areas for tracks or visual contact.

Sometimes, the missing animal isn´t actually missing, but has escaped to a wrong pasture. Those are cases where we can be also helpful.

This work is based on pure interest as being a helping hand in difficult situations when someone losts single animals of his cattle. We ask for fuel to be paid to our cars (by government regulation - 0,45e /km in 2014), depending on how many of us is necessary to come over.


Jake is a tracker. He has years of experience for tracking in nature on high level. His skills are based on the legendary Tom Brown who originally got his knowledge from "Grandfather", an apache called Stalking Wolf. Grandfather was taught the traditional ways of his people and became a shaman and a scout. He expressed exceptional way of life living in harmony with nature. More about Grendfather, Tom Brown and the Tracker School can be found here:

Tom Brown Jr´s Tracker School

Jake holds tracking courses for military purposes but also for civilians.

Virpi and Outi have ranch horses which are used to work around cattle. Whenever there comes a call oconcerning missing cattle they usually take their horses with us. Virpi breeds highland cattle at her own ranch and is very good in handling this unique breed among other cattle breeds.

I am the one who continues situation with a dog when we have located the animal and have a visual contact to it. Me and Jake work our dogs on cattle, so they can be as helping hands in some cases. With an experienced dog it is possible to drive a heifer or bull to a suitable place for catching even if the animal has run wild in the nature.

See some pictures here from the cases we have been involved in.