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Info /Toberoi Working
Border Collies

Aino Pikkusaari

Hello! Toberoi kennel breeds American working type of border collies. Western style riding & working cattle ranch are also our huge interest & love.

We work our dogs on cattle, sheep & ducks. Occasionally, we also trial with them. Our main interest is to see our dogs working in versatile farm surroundings: tight areas, wide ares, fencings, alleyways, pastures, inside, outside... We also keep this in mind when making breeding plans. We breed a couple of litters yearly under our kennel name Toberoi. So far, we have chosen either one or both of the parents to be USA origin. We don´t try to breed trial winners but versatile workers. Most of our dogs & offspring are all-rounders what comes to herding work. Many of them have also been quite succesful in dog sports like agility.

We hold trainings in herding and agility weekly for our puppy owners. Non-Toberoi dog owners can also join, with a bit higher training fee though. See our training page for more info.

Your feelings affects to your dog strongly even if you don´t mean to do so. It has been proven that becoming aware of your feelings, mind & body and controlling them you can develope your success in dog training to all new level! Jake is a pioneer in coaching and developing this in Finland.

Both of us help people to find suitable methods in herding and agility during our trainings. I have been an agility trainer since 1998 and coached all leved trainees from beginning to the top.

Pretty quickly after our first border collie called Io had moved to Finland from Wales in 2006, we have started looking for tougher border collies for work, something that was not so easilly found in Finland those days. Our interest has always been focused on dogs around the USA: their tough nature, will to challenge big animals, fearless mind, and also their upright position in herding. These dogs usually do not just gaze the animals and creep chest on the gound but move fluently in upright position while herding.

Our first "American" has landed on the groud in 2008: Sui from Minnesota. And so has our American border collie line started...